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Lessons learned while watering shrubs! May 16, 2010

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Today, I was out watering the new landscaping we just installed at our new house.  As I was watering, I was really bemoaning the amount of money I just had to pay the Homeowner’s Association of our new neighborhood.  If you talk to me frequently, you have already heard me whine about this, but for those who have not had the pleasure, they made us pay ALL the back dues from the past owner…almost 3 years worth.  Legally, I feel certain I have a case that I was not responsible for it, but I won’t bore you with Florida Statute 720 yada yada.  So, why did I pay and not fight?  The neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt.  What?  Yes…the Easter Egg Hunt…my son had planned to go with several of his friends from our new neighborhood he already knew from school, and they were not going to allow us to participate in this “HOA sponsored event” without the payment.  Mind you, I had no problem paying my dues, and even 1 year of the past owner’s, but that was not enough-full payment only.  So, the backed- in- the corner- mama I am, I paid the stupid (Sarah would say at this point, “Mama..we don’t say stupid) dues.  In case you can’t tell, I’m bitter.  With those dues, went painting the exterior of my house now, and several pieces of furniture I wanted.  I really would have stimulated the economy!

So anyway, back to my contemplating while watering plants.  In my head I was thinking, “Seriously, what is the problem with these people?  I mean…Mark and I are great people, our kids are lovely, we have already completely renovated the yard of a home that sat abandoned for over a year, we totally rehabilitated a pool that my pool lady said, and I quote “I was afraid there might be a dead body in there”..why couldn’t they just be happy with my dues, and the fact good people have moved in…and if the bank had taken the house back under their name, they would have only been required by law to pay one year, so why did I have to pay three?”.  I was having a prolific pity party (alliteration..my friends) and getting more worked up by the minute.  I am what Dr. Phil calls a “right fighter”.  If I feel I am right, I will not back down.

Just as I was really beginning to wallow in my poor treatment, it hit me that this is just how Jesus must have felt.  What does Jesus have to do with my HOA?  I am angry because I had to pay the debt of someone else.  I did not do anything wrong.  I paid my bills on time.  This was the prior owner’s responsibility…..see, I only want to pay bills created by me, someone I gave birth to, or someone who is my child because I married their great daddy.  Otherwise, not interested in paying your bills.   Jesus paid my debt on the cross in the very same way.  He didn’t do anything wrong, my sins were not His, but still He gave it all to give me hope for an eternal future.  And He did much more than write a check…He gave His very life.   Since the Bible is clear we have faced nothing that Christ himself has not experienced, I have to imagine He grappled with these same feelings as He faced His impending crucifixion.  I would like to say this epiphany has totally made me feel better about the situation.  Unfortunately, I am still a human grappling with emotions, so I am not totally over it.  I do, however, LOVE that Christ talks to us through the most mundane experiences to teach us about Himself.


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